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Moving with the Times – How toys have changed over the years

I was busy sewing away one day and it dawned on me, technology and fashions move so fast these days. However, there are some things that don’t change as fast, or at all it would seem. I’ve made thousands of soft toys, all completely unique, all designed to stand the test of time. The thing […]

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Baby Showers – Carrying on the Tradition

Baby Showers! We’ve all been to one – haven’t we? Someone you know announces that they are pregnant and you know there is going to be a baby shower soon but what do you get them? Something special? Something unique? Something practical? A little of all three? Which left me wondering… when did the tradition of […]

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Planning for Christmas? In September? Madness!

I can not believe the amount of people talking about Christmas already? Surely we should be celebrating the return of spring? Or even, for those who do, celebrating Halloween, or Guy Fawkes, or even Thanks Giving? However, having said that, it is now looking like more and more Christmas markets are now in November instead […]