My Top 5 Most Said Phrases This School Holidays

I’m about to share with you my top 5 most said phrases this school holidays. Let me start by explaining why.

Week one

I think we can all relate to this. Heading into the school holidays thinking “I am Earth Mother”. We are going to bake, craft, laugh, talk and connect. I shall relish each moment of my children being home. We are going to make amazing memories.

Week two

We are now living on a diet of fruit and popcorn because they can help themselves. Spending time in the garden between movies. We are communicating by yelling at each other. And we have all been in our PJ’s since Monday…

Top 5 Most Said Phases

Which brings me nicely to my most said phrases this school holidays.

  1. Use your bloody ears! 
    This one comes regularly. After repeating myself over, and over, and over again to the same questions.
  2. Please stop smelling the cats bum!
    Apparently, because cats smell each other’s bums, my children think its ok to do so too…
  3. Please stop playing with your private bits while we eat!
    I have no words! This seems to be a regular in our house and I have no idea how to actually make it stop!
  4. Please stop jumping on each other
    How many times do they have to hurt each other before they learn that it hurts?
  5. Stop bloody nagging me!
    Why do children think that by nagging us the answer will change? It’s like, by the 50th time I’ll suddenly change my mind!

If you can relate to this, or have other top said phases, share them in the comments below!

I think it must be time for a coffee, because I’m sure it’s still too early for wine, lol.

See you on the other side!