5 Amazing Baby Games to Entertain Your Little One

Our babies learn through play, so what better to play with them than baby games! We’ve made a list of five great games to play with your baby to help with their motor skills, communication and sensory development. But they’re not simply ones your infant will enjoy – you will too!

5 Baby Games Which Help Your Baby Learn

From the moment your child is born, they are actively learning. From learning when they are hungry to enjoying the comfort of a hug from Mum, babies will seek out and engage in different activities depending on their age and developmental stage. Here are five wonderful baby games along with the approximate ages they can be played at.

  1. Tummy time – a firm favourite, tummy time helps your child develop their neck muscles plus the ones they’ll need for crawling later. Get down on the floor with your child, look them in the eye and chat away! You could even lie on your back and have your baby lie on your tummy too. Suitable from around one to three months onwards.
  2. Tickle time – spend time tickling your baby, making funny faces and blowing raspberrieson their tummy. Great from around one month onwards.
  3. Treasure box – put together a little box with different treasures in it for your child to explore. Pick a variety of textures, weight and size, remembering to ensure there are no pieces which could be swallowed or block a little nose. From around six months up.
  4. Puppets – hand puppets are great for playing baby games with. You can use them to talk, to stroke or tickle. Shadow puppets are also a fun activity. From around six months.
  5. Soft toys– you could model basic social interactions between two soft toys, such as turn-taking when talking. Or use them as a game where you stand them up and baby knocks them over – always popular! Aim to play this around four months onwards.

How to Make the Most of Your Baby Playtime

It’s an old cliché, but parents are always told to treasure the time their child is a baby because they grow up so fast. As busy parents, with many of us working outside the home, the time we spend with our kids is precious and we want to make the most out of it. You can do that by:

  • Taking the cues from your child about when they are ready to play
  • Go slowly and take your time playing with them and their toys
  • Play the same games again and again
  • Keeping the area you’re playing in quiet and clean

We’d love for you to play baby games with our adorable toys, and your baby will love them too!

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