We’ve Got You Covered – Cute Cuddles Gift Guide

Hunting for the perfect baby gift?

Do you ever show up at baby showers or maternity parties, and notice that someone else has also bought the same gift?

Worry no more!

Why choose a Cute Cuddles soft toy?

  1. Babies love to cuddle! Our handmade soft toys are perfect for snuggling with. Simply by slowly building up a positive connection with a cuddly toy, a young child will begin to associate it with feelings of happiness, security and love.
    By taking their soft toy to bed, a child is more able to self-sooth and sleep more comfortably knowing their special friend is with them.
  2. 100% unique, you’ll never have to worry about knowing which soft toy belongs to who. This makes our soft toys perfect for taking to day-care.
    Taking a soft toy to day-care works well was a security attachment object, helping a child feel happier till mum and dad returns. As out toys are 100% unique, there’ll never be a mix up between toys!
  3. Decorating a child’s bedroom has never been easier with our handmade soft toy collection. With multiple colours and design options, there’s one to suit every child’s bedroom decor.
    Popped on a shelf, cuddled in bed or even resting in a chair, our hand stitched soft toys are made to be loved and made to last!

It doesn’t stop there…

We also have a range of practical gifts!

  1. Dribble bibs are the perfect accessory for all babies outfits. In various colours, they look great and help keep bubs dry around the neck. Available with either poppers or velcro, they are both useful and stylish.
  2. Teething rings made from organic beech. They are beautiful, untreated wooden beech rings with fabric bunny ears and are perfect for little hands to hold and chew on. The fabric helps with the dribble and chewing just as much as the wooden ring.
  3. Storage baskets. Made from fabric, these are the perfect nursery accessory for all change-table needs. Gift them in a gift hamper or by themselves. They are perfect for storage from birth and upwards.

We’ve got you covered!

Order from us today and start enjoying the smiles and laughter of your special child tomorrow!

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