Best Kids’ Books for Under 3’s

Young kids love being read to. Right from their very first board book through to their first romance or action novel, the magic of a good story never grows old. Take the time to snuggle up with your little one (and their soft toys) and get ready to read one of the books from our list of the best kids’ books for under three-year-olds.

Top 7 Best Kids’ Books for Under 3’s

Young children love listening to stories. When you read to your child, you are introducing them to a world like no other. One which offers many benefits, which you can learn about in our article 5 Benefits of Reading to Your Child.

In the interests of making your life easy (as being a parent is darn hard work!), we’ve put together a list of the best kids’ books you may want to read to your baby or toddler.

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – we had to start off with this old favourite. Take your child on a journey of a caterpillar’s transformation from an egg right through to a beautiful butterfly. Enjoy looking at all of the holes he makes as he munches his way through the book.
  2. Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney – Little Nutbrown Hare loves his father dearly and is determined to show him just how much. Big Nutbrown Hare can always reach a bit further and loves him to the moon and back. A warm and snuggly bedtime story.
  3. The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith – hee haw! This is a great story for some fun sing-along and tongue-twisting prose. Make sure you both listen to the CD of the author reading the book too!
  4. My Cat Like to Hide in Boxes by Eve Sutton – the cat from Japan waves a big blue fan, and his friend’s so many wondrous things too. But you just can’t beat the cat at home who’s the greatest joy is hiding in boxes.
  5. The Little Yellow Digger by Betty Gilderdale – one of a series of picture books, this takes the reader on a journey showing just what a little yellow digger can do. Lovely bright illustrations to enjoy as well.
  6. Where’s Spot by Eric Hill – the Spot books have been a firm favourite for generations. Go on a hunt for Spot in this lift the flap book and discover where he’s hiding.
  7. Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox – a delightful bedtime story, where you hunt for the green sheep throughout the book, only to find him fast asleep – doing just what your toddler will do shortly (you hope).

Next time you’re in town, take a visit to your local library and check out what their best kids’ books are. You may just find they recommend the same titles as we do! Remember that there’s nothing more magical than cuddling up with a parent and your soft toys for storytime; have fun.