7 Tips on Taking Baby Photos at Home

Is a smartphone ok for taking baby photos? Should I be using props next to my baby in photos? Where are good photo shoot locations for a newborn? As a new parent, these are some of the questions you may be wondering when it comes to taking baby photos of your new arrival. You know that they’re only little for such a short time, so you want to capture every moment with photos. What you don’t want to look back on are blurry or poor quality photos at your child’s 21st. That’s why we’ve put together a list of seven tips to help you take the perfect photos of your baby!

7 Awesome Tips on Taking Baby Photos

You’ve probably heard of the phrase, never work with kids or animals! Well, it’s different when it’s your own kids you’re taking photos of. It’s even easier when they’re babies and can’t run away or talk back yet! We’ve put together this list of seven of the best tips to help you get started:


Take note of the lighting – natural lighting is a photographer’s best friend. Having your baby out of direct sunlight, but next to a window or outside in the shade will help to bring out the beauty in their skin.


Take your time – while it’s tempting to snap hundreds of photos of the same thing to avoid missing the tiniest change, don’t. Take your time to set up the shot and only click that button when you’ve got the perfect moment!


Change your perspective – parents tend to take photos of their kids while they are standing up. Shake things up by getting down to your baby’s eye level, and you’ll get a more personal viewpoint to capture.


Prepare well – after your baby has been feed and changed is often a great time to start taking photos. After all, do you really want shots of a screaming baby and poonami?


Use props – while many parents are using baby milestone cards, these don’t make photos you’d want to display on the wall. Instead use props such as baby blankets, soft toys and even a series of photos using the same props which will show your baby’s growth and development just as well, and look darn cute!


Know your equipment – unless you’re a professional baby photographer, you’re unlikely to have a fancy camera. For many parents, the smartphone is an absolute wonder. It’s always there and most have a reasonable camera on it. Just be sure to know how to work it, and check that it will take crisp and clear photos first!


Notice the background – you want your baby to be the star of the photo, so using the perfect background is vital. It needs to be plain enough as to not detract from the photo subject but to also be interesting and unique so as to personalise the photo. Good backgrounds can include outside in nature, in the bedroom or lounge, or you could go as fancy as a sheet pinned to the wall!

Do you have any tips on taking baby photos you can share with us! We’d love to know, so please leave them in the comments below!