Let’s Talk Burn Out – and I don’t mean cars…

Can you believe it’s March in just a few days? I certainly can’t. So I thought I’d check with you guys and talk about burn out.

Happy New Year – I don’t think I’ve even gotten around to saying that to you yet. It’s not because I’ve been overly busy. Or that I don’t care. Because neither of those excuses is true.

The End of 2018

The end of 2018 was hard for me. Intense. With so many changes, and so much going on. I found it hard to keep track of all the changes, all the pies I had fingers in, markets, stock, ALL the things. Not just in Cute Cuddles, but with the children, my husband is now too a business owner, dynamics in the household, in general – life!

I burnt out. And I drank too much. And I generally shut down as much as I could – to try to recover.

I needed the time out. I loved the time out. I spent time with family. We went away with friends. I even learnt to paddleboard. I invested time in me.

The Turning Point

I am learning that every road to recover starts at the breakdown. And that this is a positive thing. Each and every time I have to get back up, I learn something about myself that makes me stronger.

This year is going to be amazing for me. I have given up drinking. I am going to get back into shape and I am going to start running again. I am going to invest in me like I used to.

Fresh Start

It’s taken me a few weeks (nearly two months) to write this blog. I needed time. I have been refocusing my focus.

I have developed a few new products for Cute Cuddles – which is still such a huge passion in my life. I have refreshed our website, and I am going to continue to work on this to make your shopping and reading experience more pleasuable.

More importantly – I am going to take time out to work on me. I am going to make sure that in 2019 I support myself as fiercely as I support those around me.

From One Human Being to Another

This blog is a timely reminder that is doesn’t have to be New Years to make resolutions to be a better you and to take time for you – do it every single day. Because every single day is a new day, and it is never too late…

The world is hard enough, without our own expectations of ourselves putting extra pressure on – take time for you!!

And on that note – I am off to take my daughter to Grade One Ballet…

Until next time

Some quality time with my mini-me