School Holidays – Love them or Loath them?

Officially over the half way mark for the first school holidays of 2018. How are you getting on? Because I’m gonna be completely honest and say – WOW! This one was a hard one!

I’m probably my own worst enemy to be fair. After spending 8 weeks, pretty much one on two with the children, and then finally settling back into the school routine. I just wasn’t ready for this school holidays just yet.

My children on the other hand – had completely different ideas!

School Holidays – Love them…

I’m usually a “Love them” kinda mum. Spending lazy mornings in PJ’s, cuddling on the couch having a giggle. Fun day trips. Seeing all the things they have both learned from their time at school. I LOVE all of these things.

Planning fun things. Catching up with friends. Ditching the routine (well sort of.. but not really). A break from the norm. What’s not to love – right?

But wait, there’s another option…

Having been in the “Love them” camp, I’m gonna be honest and say I didn’t see this coming.

I found their constant noise and demands tiring – this isn’t usually me, but its where I found myself last week. I even took to a networking group I’m part of on Facebook for support, because I was seriously struggling.

By the end of the week I had found my groove again, but that doesn’t change the fact I got lost. Also, what would have happened if i hadn’t bounced back? I already feel like I lost those precious days before my babies grow up and leave me.

And here is the thing…

I’m just going to say it – living with depression is SO hard. You think you are on top of things and looking forward to things and BOOM, the dark clouds are back! I’m incredibly lucky to have an amazing family and friends around me for support when I need it.

But honestly, I’m really crap at letting people know I’m struggling until it’s too late. Because of the shame of using the D word…

What I have learnt from sharing my experience is that I am not alone. And neither are you!!  If you are like me and struggling to let people know you are feeling fragile – message me, we’ll go for coffee.

Until then: relax, smile, you’ve got this!!