Decorating the Nursery for Your New Arrival Dos and Don’ts!

You’ve now got a due date, but before your little one arrives, it’s time to get busy decorating the nursery! Expecting parents often spend hours online scrolling through Pinterest for the perfect nursery décor. Whether it’s the wall paint colour, the rug on the carpet or the type of cot, we understandably want everything perfect! As nursery décor accessory designers, we often receive requests for specific themed décor or colours, and that’s perfectly okay! After all, we want your nursery to look great, just like you do. But as exciting as it is, before you jump in and start buying nursery accessories, read this! We’ve put together a great list of the dos and don’ts that new parents need to think about when decorating the nursery.

Dos and Don’ts When It’s Decorating the Nursery Time

If you think about what it’s needed for, your baby’s nursery is initially mostly for sleep and changing. It’s only later that they’ll want to spend time playing in their room. That means when it comes to decorating the nursery, you need to think about not only what they need, but also how it looks.

Our top nursery decoration tips are:

  • Do choose a theme – it’s much easier to choose bedding and accessories when you have a nursery theme, as you have a narrower focus. For boys a popular theme is vehicles, while girls love unicorns, like the ones on our unicorn fabric storage baskets.
  • Don’t leave baby proofing until your baby can walk – get it done as early as you can, because later, baby brain strikes and makes thinking challenging.
  • Do consider the ceiling – as baby’s spend a lot of time looking up, why not purchase a baby mobile to hang above their cot? Or you could even consider a nightlight which shines different colours or patterns on the ceiling.
  • Don’t forget about the windows – a blackout blind is essential for helping make the nursery dark during nap times. Pretty curtains which match your colour or design theme would also look fabulous.
  • Do set up a feeding area – those night time feeds are going to happen, so make it comfy for everyone. A rocking chair, a dim nightlight and even a radio on quiet all help make things a bit cosier.
  • Don’t forget about storage – toys, clothes, nappies and baby creams all must go somewhere. Investing in fabric storage boxes, ensures you can access anything quickly. They also might encourage your child to tidy away after themselves as they get older. But I did say might!

Every nursery needs toys, so don’t forget to purchase them too! Check out our article Guide to Buying the Best Toys for Newborns for some great tips and ideas.