Baby Milestones During the First 6 Months


Have you heard of baby milestones? They’re the skills a baby is supposed to have met at specific ages.  Also known as baby development, baby milestones have been set by professionals and researchers based upon observation of large samples of infants. This makes them guidelines, not hard and fast must meet developmental goals for our children. Problems occur when parents compare what their own baby can do against others of the same age, such as in their antenatal or Plunket group. So, while I’ve put together this handy guide on the baby milestones you can expect to see in your child’s first six months, don’t stress if they don’t meet all of them!

Your Child’s Baby Milestones in Their First 6 Months

Every baby grows and learns differently to each other. Here are the developmental stages you can generally expect to see during their first six months.

By 1 month old, you may see your baby:

  • Sleeping less & awake for longer periods
  • Open and closing mouth as you talk to them
  • Watch your face as you talk to then
  • Recognise the sound of your voice

By 2 months old, you may see your baby:

  • Smile when you talk to them
  • Follow things with their eyes
  • Begin to coo
  • Start to hold up their head

By 3 months old, you may see your baby:

  • Have better head control and lift when on their tummy
  • Hold a rattle or small toy
  • Watch their hands move
  • Squeal with delight
  • Swipe at dangling objects like baby play gyms

By 4 months old, you may see your baby:

  • Hold their head up well
  • Enjoy playing with their hands
  • Shake a baby rattle and listen to the sound
  • Look around at what’s happening
  • Laugh
  • Copy facial expressions

By 5 months old, you may see your baby:

  • Fully control their head
  • Splashing in the bath
  • Grasping more toys
  • Smile at their reflection in a mirror
  • Play with toys
  • Grasp things firmly

By 6 months old, you may see your baby:

  • Roll over
  • Grab their feet & suck their toes
  • Play peek-a-boo
  • Blow bubbles
  • Show stranger anxiety
  • Make sounds like da, ba and ka
  • Respond to their name

Do You Play a Role in Your Baby’s Development?

A common question parents often ask is about whether than can help their infant reach their baby milestones faster. The answer is both yes and no. Your baby will only reach their milestones when they are developmentally ready. You can help them though, by:

  • Spending time with them
  • Encouraging them
  • Playing with them
  • Providing age appropriate toys

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