How to Reduce Your Baby’s Teething Symptoms Naturally

Teething pain is no laughing matter, making parents all ears when it comes to learning how they can reduce their baby’s teething symptoms. Sure, using paracetamol and teething gels can help, but what about some natural teething remedies? We’ve put together this list teething remedies to help you out.

Common Teething Symptoms to Watch For

Most infants suffer from teething pain at some stage. It maybe a milestone in your baby’s life, but it’s not something you want them to suffer with. Some of the common signs of teething include:

  • Drooling
  • Bulging gums
  • A need to bite or suck more often
  • Ear grabbing
  • Irritable
  • Poor sleeping
  • Reduced appetite

When you think about it, having a sharp object poke through your gums is not a pleasant experience for anyone. Let’s investigate some natural teething remedies which can reduce their discomfort.

Natural Ways to Reduce Teething Symptoms & Pain

Teething is tough for all the family. From sleepless nights to earaches, it’s not something you’d wish on anyone. Before you reach for the paracetamol, here are some natural ways to reduce teething pain for your child:

  • Chilled fruit – if your baby has started solids, put some chilled fruit in a baby feeder and let them suck and chew upon it.
  • Reduce stress – as adults, we know feeling stressed makes things worse. Try to keep your teething baby calm and happy by helping them get enough rest and eating healthy. Lots of cuddles are great too!
  • Wooden teething rings – a natural wooden teething ring provides a perfect surface for your baby to gum upon. The soft fabric ears provide a different texture for sore gums. Dampen the ears and pop them into a sealed plastic bag in the freezer for a few minutes. This keeps the ears cold and numbs sore gums. Make sure to remove the plastic bag first before giving the teether to your baby.
  • Gum massage – pressure on gums feels great when a baby is teething. It’s why they always want something in their mouths when teething. You can apply pressure to sore gums with a clean finger and gently rub them to make them feel better.
  • Cold spoon – having something cold to numb the sensation of an erupting tooth also works well at relieving teething symptoms. Hold the spoon yourself on their gums or if they are able, your child can hold it while you watch.
  • Feeding – both breast and bottle feeding can reduce teething discomfort, as the sucking action is comforting for an infant.
  • Distraction – if all else fails, distracting your child is your next move. Blowing bubbles, taking a bath, reading a story and singing a song are all good ideas to try.

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