The Battle of the Sexes!

I didn’t realised “Battle of the Sexes” was still a thing.

Until – I liked a post this morning that went something along the lines of “instead of calling our daughters princess we should call them “brave, strong, etc..” And this got me thinking…

I am a proud mama of a beautiful little boy and a sweet little girl.

My boy is rough, tough and mostly clueless to social clues – apparently a typical boy. My girl is sweet, loving and nurturing – apparently a typical girl. This does not annoy me at all – they are 6 and 4. I’m sure over the years they will evolve and change.

It does not bother me in the slightest that my daughter is offended when people try to give her what she calls boy lego and only wants lego friends. It also does not bother me that my son likes playing with My Little Pony and wearing nail polish either. Because without exploring the world and experiencing a little of everything how would they learn?

But something that apparently does annoy me – people who seems to be offended by titles like Princess for girls and Hero for boys.

The big question…

Why can’t they all be a little of everything! Why must they have titles at all? Are you still defined by your childhood title?

I call my son heaps of things and one of them does include my Handsome Prince because sometime he needs to hear that he is beautiful too! I often call my daughter my brave princess because she is brave but she also loves being my little princess – does this make her feel less strong? Hardly!!

Aren’t these “titles” about empowering our children when we need them to feel empowered? Princes and Princesses rule the world – is this really a bad thing to call our children?

There is something I’ve learnt over the 6 years I’ve had this role as parent – people will be what people will be.

Me and my beautiful children <3


How do you feel about your childhood title? Did it define who you became?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this..