Playing Tooth Fairy – My journey so far

I’ve been playing Tooth Fairy for a few years now, Mr Now 8 is 7 teeth in and Miss 6 has lost 2 teeth to date. It is safe to say this story has some highs and some lows and we are not even close to halfway through!


As with a lot of adventures, mine started out well I thought. Now there’s a term that can be interpreted many ways – lol.

It became obvious very early on that my son was not overly keen for his teeth to leave his mouth. I’m talking months of wobbly teeth and not wanting to eat in case he lost it. Ever the dentist tried to help Mr Now 8 with the tooth, and I’m talking an hour, one-on-one…!

Then It Began

You’ll never guess – but driving in the car home from said dentist visit and the tooth finally fell out. I can not tell you the relief. Plus the excitement – I’ve never been a Tooth Fairy before!

That night Mr Now 8 wrapped his special tooth up ready for the Tooth Fairy. He went to bed with excitement. I got organised (it was my first time after all) and performed my magic before I went to bed that night.

Parenting win!

Let the Adventures Begin

After a couple of smaller, bottom teeth. Mr Now 8 upgraded to the big one at the top. Guess what happened to his first big front tooth??

Yep, that’s right, he swallowed it!

I tried to console him and explain that I’m sure the Tooth Fairy will still visit as she is magic after all. But Mr Now 8 wasn’t taking any chances. I’ll spare you the gory details but he recovered the tooth and it is also safe to say it doesn’t look as white and shiny after a trip through the tummy.

The gloss was definitely coming off this adventure!

Parenting At Its Best

The next few teeth passed uneventfully. A couple here, a tooth there. I’d mastered it! Sneak in before I go to bed. Perform the magic necessary to see their little faces glow with wonderment in the morning. It’s like a drug – I can’t get enough of it.

And Then…

And then Mr Now 8 lost a tooth last week. I didn’t even know it was wobbly! He prepares the special gift for the Tooth Fairy. Wakes in wonderment the next day… and bam! The tooth is still there.

My mummy brain is scrambling at 6.30am on a cold winter morning. “It was raining really hard last night hunny – Fairies can’t fly in the rain” – Thank you Tinkerbell cartoons!!

Mr Now 8 then informs me that the kids at school say that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real anyway. My heart sunk. My poor baby! At this point I remind him of the Rise of the Guardians movie and that the Tooth Fairy needs children to still believe in her so she can keep flying and working her magic.

While he wasn’t looking the Tooth Fairy did visit that morning. Saved by the very dark mornings and a big dose of mummy guilt!

And then again…

I woke up this morning to the same dejected face from last week!

Two things – how have I managed to make the same mistake twice and so close to the last time. And why is Mr Now 8’s teeth all falling out so close to each other!

Only this time Mr Now 8 busts me trying to extract the tooth. So I quickly stuff the tooth and wrapping and the money into my hoodie. Mr Now 8 was examining the box he had left his wrapped tooth in wondering where it all is. Thankfully our kittens were frolicking on his bed at this time so I quickly depositing the empty wrapper and the money on the windowsill. Mr Now 8 still believes in Fairies. Happy Mummy Moment.


It’s obvious this story is far from over. But I have to say I had no idea it would be such an up and down adventure. But I love the wins, even if I have to think fast on my feet to keep the dreams alive.

I’d love to hear about your adventures too. Share with me some of your Tooth Fairy adventures and advice.

Until next time, Tracy