Weekend Reflection – When is too long actually not long enough?

Romantic comedy night on the couch saw me and hubby watching the American Pie Reunion movie.

Let me set the scene: Jim and Michelle had a wild and varied sex life, along came children and now they can’t remember when they last had sex together.

Jim then has one of his ‘famous’ chats with his dad and explained that he feels that they are “out of sync”. He was wondering how much longer the relationship could last under ‘those circumstances’.

I jokingly turned round to my husband and said “about 5 years”. We giggled together. But that is the trust for us! When is too long actually not long enough?

Jim’s Dad’s Famous Advice

Funny enough, Jim’s dad basically said the same thing. You are not just a married couple anymore, you are a parent. ‘Why do you think you went to Hebrew School 3 nights a week’ he jokingly said. Isn’t that the reality of parenting?

These first 5’ish years are a rollercoaster of constant needs and changes. For me, the back to back pregnancy and breastfeeding left me drained. And a little lost in my own body. They eventually start school and a routine starts to form. You start to realise that you have a moment to yourself and you can use the toilet without having to have an audience. And BOOM! You realise that your partner is still there. And actually, you still quite like them  ?

Bit of Reflection

Lets be honest, different stokes for different folks. I am always impressed with the couples who have kept up with the date nights and couple time. My story obviously isn’t the norm.

Here us my bit of reflection, I did wonder if I would have been in such a good head space had I not just spent 8 weeks in the UK with family.

Which left me wondering, when is too long, actually not long enough? For me, I’ m happy and comfortable with the fact it took m e 5 years of just being a parent because I got back into being a ‘wife’ again. Because as I’ve said, everyone is different?

Any Advice?

How do you switch from parent to wife? Do you have any tips that you use? And what advice would you give to a new parent?

I would love to hear your feedback?