Mixed Feelings – The Worry Doll

While having family time over our dinner table last night, my daughter told us about her ‘Worry Doll’ that they are making in her class at school. The idea is that when she is scared, she can tell her Worry Doll and not be scared any more.

My first response was shock horror! But then it got me thinking….

Let me share with you my concerns…

I worry that by talking to a Worry Doll, my daughter will actually end up bottling things up more. By not sharing with an adult, she won’t be able to talk though solutions. If there are things that, as a parent, I can help with and she doesn’t talk to me about them, things like bullying can get out of hand.

My solution…

I agree that she should have some independence, and learn her emotions in a safe and supportive manner. My compromise with her is that she tells her Worry Doll and that Mummy’s are also worry dolls in our chest. When Mummy’s cuddle children, our worry dolls are in our hearts. They are there to help children and their Worry Doll work though things together.

I feel like this is a supportive way to encourage her to talk though things that are bothering her, without an intense talk about emotions…

And if you have a child prone to worry – they could be a very good solution for them.

An idea…

My son also liked the idea of a Worry Doll. But apparently , being a boy he can’t have a doll! I asked him why he couldn’t talk to his toy dinosaur instead – Meet Worry Dinosaur!

He gave me a big beaming smile and a cuddle and wondered off to get dressed – happy!

Cute Cuddles soft toys are all 100% unique, making them perfect for talking to and helping children feel safe. Especially if the child is prone to worrying.

Whether they have a worry doll, a worry dinosaur or a worry elephant – remember to always encourage children to  share with you too.

Do you have situations like this in your household?

Helping my girl feel safe