Burnout: My experience and why I’m choosing to share it with you

You may have noticed Cute Cuddles has been fairly quiet of late. Not through lack of passion, I assure you. But because of some much-needed self-love.

2019 was not a great year for me. For so many reasons… But its a common theme I heard a lot of people say. This left me reflecting on where I am at but also wondering… do we expect too much of ourselves?

Hit the skids – so to speak

You know what it is like, two children at school, both with afterschool and weekend hobbies. Running a business and hubby also running a business. A busy household to keep up with, seriously people, laundry and housework take time! Plus one of my children has a fair few health quirks.

Somewhere in 2019, I felt so tired all the time. This should have been a big warning sign to me that I was burning the candle at both ends and couldn’t keep up with myself. So around, August, I decide to stop markets.


It’s funny, I gave up markets around August. But it’s taken me until now to finally realise I had burnt out. We spent the summer at home “vaccationing”. I decided to say “No” more often when asked things. And I tell you what, it’s freaking liberating. My shoulders don’t feel weighed down all the time and I don’t dread tomorrow. I also laugh and smile a lot more.

I’ve swapped markets with doing karate with my boy – and I freaking love it! I’ve met some amazing people and made life long friends. But also, my mini human boy is more settled. We talk more, connect more and consequently, laugh a lot more.


This left me wondering why we are so hard on ourselves? So we expect to have social media perfect lifestyles? But at what cost?

Keeping this short and sweet…

As my first blog in a while, I’m not going to write much more (got some serious stock I need to make – lol)

I listen to an interview the other day where one of my favourite bands where getting dressed for the Grammy Awards and the lead singer said “Never try to look like a mannequin. The mannequin is a f**king lie”. But this doesn’t mean just clothes – I feel we should use this everywhere in our lives.

Parting message

Be authentically you – you are awesome!