Is Modern Life Putting Too Much Pressure on Our Little People?

Modern Life – with all the amazing technology making life easier, communication seamless, the world so much small with travel being so much easier now. It’s it absolutely fantastic to be alive today!

But here is the thing. As I stand in the school playground and take my children to play dates and just generally talking to other parents – I’m hearing the same things; “my child is anxious”.

Here’s the thing…

My daughter too suffers from anxiety. I put this down to her early years of constant sickness and various hospital visits and tests, which felt relentless at times.

Every single morning I take her and her big brother to school, they are only a year apart at school so she has that comfort. I sort my son out first and then I mentally prepare myself for what I know will come next. I smile, I help her with her school bag and book bag. We joke and cuddle and have a high 5 and then I get up to leave. BOOM! She grabs at my legs and holds on. The tears start. You know what I’m talking about?

I am lucky in the fact her teacher is amazing. I calmly pass Miss 6’s hand to her teacher and I get up and walk out of her classroom.

Some days I get in the car and burst into tears. Others I feel frustrated that I can’t help her more. Why her – why does she feel like this? Why can’t I fix this!!

We are lucky enough to be getting help for Miss 6. But on this journey, I am meeting more and more parents struggling with the same behaviours.

Is this a generational thing?

Did we have this when we were at school? I remember being a shy kid at school but I don’t remember having the same overwhelming thoughts that my daughter tells me she has.

My mum tells me that my sister used to cry at school drop-offs when she first started school. Was anxiety just not a thing in the 80’s? Or are we too keen to label things these days?

I also don’t remember having the pressure to be perfect all the time. If I did something naughty, I got punished. I had to work hard to achieve things and I was pushed by both my parents.

Am I over thinking this?

I might sound like a mad lady rambling now – but I do wonder what pressure we are putting on our children that they are feeling overwhelmed at such young ages.

We tell them they are perfect and can achieve anything they want. But is this really realistic? If someone told me the world was at my feet and I could do absolutely everything – I have to say, that would overwhelm me. Yet we say it to our children.

Don’t get me wrong – it is definitely the right fit for some children. My son – he can talk on the world! He thrives at that challenge.

In conclusion…

I guess I’m writing this from a desperate mum place…

Do you have or know of someone who has an anxious child? What strategies do you use? Share your advice here, please!