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Christmas: Traditional or New Traditions?

I’m starting to think that Christmas is a lot like parenting, everyone has their own style, and yet we still all compare with others! Blissfully Ignorant As a youngster growing up, I had no idea that Christmas could be stressful. My parents made it all look so easy. Then at 22, I impulsively came to […]


‘Twas the month before Christmas… First week of November to be exact.

‘Twas the month before Christmas… First week of November to be exact. And all over the internet people are going crazy! There seems to be two camps with this one… Camp One: Pro-Christmas Pro-Christmas’ers simply can not wait to put up their Christmas Trees and deck their halls with boughs of holly. These are the […]

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Confession of a Small Business Owner and a Request

As a small business owner with a much smaller marketing budget then you’d expect. We have to be much more creative about how we get our message out there. Lately, I’ve been thinking of ways to promote our Cute Cuddles baby teething packs. What’s in our Cute Cuddles Teething Packs Why pick one of our […]

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The Transition – Making it Easy for Babies to take the Next Step

As a parent, we look forward to each stage of our childrens’ development. However, I found that I approached each of my childrens’ transitions with a feeling of dread or trepidation – do you ever feel the same? Let me explain Children are unpredictable, well mine are! Incredibly so in fact. It didn’t matter what […]