Let’s Catch up – oh wait…

It has been AGES since I last write a blog (February in fact). And it is very safe to say, a fair amount has changed since then!!

Who knew that 2020 would look like this. Doesn’t it sometimes feel like something out of a movie or a book? As I sit here in level 3 lockdown for the second time, I thought I might have a wee reflection and share what I have been up to.

Level 4 – Lockdown

While the world was baking bread and clearing their houses room by room, I enjoyed relaxing. I embraced relaxing. I laughed with my mini-humans, we explored the whole home based eduction (there is a whole other blog I’ll share one day when the thought doesn’t send me into the corner to cry…), we ate and we enjoyed just being.

At this point, I should also point out that my husband was, and still is, an essential worker. So other than the first two weeks, he still had to get up and head off to work every day. Leaving me and our mini versions alone to drive each other mad, one day as a time…

Ok, it wasn’t actually that bad!

Level 2 – We are free…

I can confess, that there are more parts about lock down life that I loved, more than I didn’t. Going back into the “Real World”, well I wasn’t keen. It took me a while to get back into the rhythm.

Something weird also happened. I was getting orders left right and centre on both my website and from shops. I love, love, love that New Zealand made products are really taking off at the moment. I absolutely love being busy. Happy dance…

School Holidays

Wow! I don’t even know what to say about these particular school holidays! I usually love school holidays. For me, I love seeing how much my mini’s have learnt and grown over the last term and all their little beautiful quirks really show through during school holidays.

But it was too soon! I was still recovering from lockdown life. Because that’s what every parent wants after weeks stuck at home in a bubble, right?? More time. At home. Alone with your mini humans.

Moving along swiftly…

Back to the New Normal

Children back at school. Husband, well not a lot changes for him and his routine to be fair… But I can finally get back to working on Cute Cuddles. My workroom is my happy place!

My husband and I went out for dinner at an actual restaurant. Kids were going to kids parties, I met a friend for coffee at a Mall. All relatively normal things! Life was great again. I could talk for hours about how many amazing things had happened in the (maybe 4 weeks?) since the schools went back.


Just like that, I woke up one morning to many, many alerts on my phone. Auckland is back in Lockdown Level 3. This is literally Lockdown 2.0!

I can honestly say, I have already been more productive during this lockdown than the first one! I am using the lessons I’ve learned during this boomerang year to accept the things I cannot change and to smile and see the fun and bright side to every situation. Because let’s be honest, we have all lost relatives to previous wars and health outbreaks.

Well that about sums up where I am at. lol. Sat on my bed typing while my mini girl builds a fort for the cats and my mini boy is literally rolling on the floor doing nothing.

So I guess that is us all caught up. Share your experiences too, I love hearing how you are doing??

Stay safe. Stay home. Stay in touch!