How I scored a win just recently – Parenting Win that Is

My 6 year old boy is a constant worry – but then who’s son isn’t!

By that I mean that he worries a lot about everything. He has been known to come for a cuddle because he no longer wants to grow up and being an adult scares him. I reassure him the best I can because I’m 35 and being an adult scares me too!

My son is a hard nut to crack too – unless he can see it and/or touch it, then well, its not real! We have to work really hard to make Christmas fun for him because even at 6 he is not convinced with Santa. Or fairies. Or indeed anything magical and fun.

But I scored a win just recently!

After 4 months of avoiding wobbling his wobbly tooth, my brave boy finally plucked up the courage to touch said tooth and managed to work it to super loose. This totally freaked him out. Eventually he asked for help to finally execute the removal off the tooth – it was just before bed and he was worried about it falling out in his sleep. Then once out, he was worried about it bleeding all night! Even after cuddling him and helping him look in a mirror to reassure him there was no blood, he very reluctantly agreed with me.

I managed to distract him with thoughts of the tooth fairy, he wasn’t impressed with this! But I persevered and we wrapped the tooth up in a little fabric parcel (the joys of having lots of fabric laying around!) 

In the morning my boy woke up yelling the house down – the parcel was still there under the pillow!! My husband and I went running into his room to hear how he’d been puzzled all night by how the tooth fairy was going to carry such a big parcel in her pocket!! We asked him if he had even touched the parcel? Does it still feel the same? And watched as his facial expression changed to one of awe as he realised that it didn’t feel the same anymore – his little tiny tooth had changed into a coin!

He is very proud now as he tells people that the tooth fairy is really real and that she is magic to turn his tooth into money! Even though we’d wrapped it up for her!

And this makes me smile – to know that I am helping my little man believe in the unbelievable. Who knows, hopefully one day he’ll believe in something “unobtainable” enough to actually get it!

Me and my boy!