Felt the Fear – Did It Anyway

I am part of various business groups and communities, as you’d expect running a small business from home. They often ask questions and challenge us to keep moving forward with our business. This weeks Go Live on Facebook question was “Felt the Fear – Did it Anyway”.

As I sat here thinking about how to answer that question I came to realise something…

Felt the Fear

The reality of the type of life I have, I feel the fear every single day. Between the demands of a parent, especially with one of my children having unpredictable health. The pressure of running a household. The trials and tribulations of marriage and relationships with friends, family and colleagues. The ups and downs of running a business. The list goes on…

As I am sat here waiting for my car to see the drive shaft specialist, knowing that I am female and even though I know what I’m talking about, most men talk to me like an idiot…

Feeling the Fear – Literally every single day!

Do it Anyway

Every single morning I wake up I think through and process all the tasks I have for that day that intimidate me, and for the people who know me, they will be surprised at some of them!

I put on something pretty, my current favourite is my blush leather jacket! Or my pink Doc Martin boots. I slap a smile on my face and I tackle that task with a smile and an “if it goes wrong, I will have learnt something” attitude.

But I Wasn’t Always Like this!

I used to worry what others would think of me if I did what made me happy. Crazy now, when I think about it. But its hard! To break the mould and step outside that comfort zone of conformity.

When I started Cute Cuddles I got told my business model was flawed. But my vision is for every child to have a soft toy as unique as they are, to love and cuddle, to have an item that is theirs for the highs and lows of growing up.

I don’t want to make this blog a sales pitch. I’m just putting it out there, that sometimes to be happy, you have to step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t listen to the voices if they are not telling you what you actually need to hear.

Your vision, your passion, will take you places their voices never could!

At the end of it, you will stand back and have amazing support, amazing experiences and have built something you love and are proud off.

I’m not just talking about a business. It could be a new hair style, an item of clothing, a feature wall in your house, a garden feature…

No matter how big, or small – Feel the Fear and DO IT ANYWAY!

Have you felt the fear lately??