Butterfly Baby Mobile – Red


These cute and adorable animals will not only delight your little one, but they will be a gorgeous addition to your nursery decor.

Each is lovingly handcrafted from quality materials, so no two pieces are the same. You get a truly unique design.

Make a visual statement and help your baby’s development all with one sweet piece of decor.


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Are you looking for a gorgeous addition to your little ones room? The search will be over when you lay your eyes on this adorable animal baby mobile!

Made from 4 cute plush animals and a handcrafted wooden frame, this animal baby mobile can be hung from any spot in your nursery.

Not only are our mobiles beautiful and eye-catching, they can actually help with your baby’s development.

Here’s how:

  • Just after birth, babies can only see 10 inches in front of them. Having an interesting object to focus on within that range helps develop their focus and eyesight.
  • By watching the objects move back and forth, your baby is strengthening the muscles in their eyes. As they get older and try to reach for the mobile they practice their coordination, spatial awareness and also strengthen the muscles in their arms, neck and legs.
  • Your baby will be intently focused on the cute moving shapes, so will help build their attention span.

Our mobiles are all handcrafted with love. That means they are unique and customisable. So we are able to produce a special creation to match the theme of your nursery. Simply get in touch and let us know your requirements.

Dimensions 32 x 32 cm