Vehicle Fabric Handmade Soft Toy Elephant


Babies love cuddles! Our handmade cuddly elephant toys are perfect for snuggling up with.

100% unique, you’ll never need to worry about knowing which soft toy belongs to who, making our toy elephants perfect for taking to day-care.

Double handstitched, our stuffed toy elephants are made to last, giving years of comfort and love to your special little one.

Handmade in New Zealand with love…

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Start your child’s adventures today – with a Cute Cuddles handmade elephant toy by their side!

Hunting for the perfect baby gift? Our handmade elephant toys are make with love, just for your special little one. Each baby toy is unique, ensuring you give a one of a kind gift, which parents appreciate just as much as their newborn does!

It’s a well-known fact that babies and toddlers love cuddle time just as much as adults do. Yet there are times when we can’t be there. But our handcrafted elephant toys can be! Simply by slowly building up a positive connection with a cuddly toy, a young child will begin to associate it with feelings of happiness, security and love. By taking their soft toy elephant to bed, a child is more able to self-sooth and sleep more comfortably knowing their special friend is with them. Taking a soft toy to childcare works well as a security attachment object, helping a child feel happier until Mum and Dad return. As each of our toy elephants are 100% unique, there’ll never be a mix up between toys!

Decoring a child’s bedroom has also never been easier with our handmade soft toy collection. With multiple colour and design options, there’s one to suit every child’s bedroom decor. Popped on a shelf, cuddled in bed to even resting on a chair, our hand stitched soft toys are made to be loved and made to last! With each toy being double stitched, you can relax knowing we’ve got your child’s safety at heart too.

Order your soft elephant toy today and start enjoying the smiles and laughter of your special child tomorrow.

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Length: 30cm (approximately) trunk-tail
Height: 20cm (approximately) hoof-back

Cold machine washable

Handmade in New Zealand with love…