Book Quilt – Luna the Unicorn


Luna the Unicorn’s Rainbow Adventure – And Me

Luna and I started our story as a simply one. I enjoy quilting and had a vision…

So we set off together. Every panel is hand cut and borders measured twice. I squinted at colours for ages before settling on rainbows on the back, I mean, what is more perfect then finding a thousand rainbows!

Now it became time to quilt Luna…

…but what colour could possible be the perfect thread for such a beautiful quilt?

I started with a variegated pink thread, I then added a variegated purple. Seeing Luna’s hair, I then did the third pass in a variegated blue. I loved mirroring Luna’s hair in the quilting of this quilt.

Now came the bindings.

I tried so many different options for the border before setting on blue. I tried pinks and rainbows and greys and I just couldn’t see them working.

3am in the morning, pop! BLUE! So that day, bindings were created and I binged watched the new season of Grey’s Anatomy; (where get this, they pretend covid is cured, as in, their vision for the future…), while hand sewing the bindings closed.

Made with love.

So here she is… just for you.

Luna is
97cm x 122cm (approximately)
38″x48″ (approximately)


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