Book Quilt – Kev the Kiwi


Kev the Kiwi – And Me

Kev and I started our story as a simply one. I enjoy quilting and had a vision…

So we set off together. Every panel is hand cut and borders measured twice. I squinted at colours for ages before finally deciding that the rubber ducks set of the bubble like fabric on the front perfectly!

Now it became time to quilt Kev…

Kev and I had a few giggles as I read along to his story and adventures! I hope you also giggle when sharing this quilt with your little ones.

Now came the bindings.

I do like to relax with something while hand-sewing the bindings closed, with Kev we popped the bluetooth on and went on a 90’s music adventure. This led to my poor husband and kids coming home to find me singing at the top of my lungs – lol!

Made with love.

So here he is… just for you.

Kev is
97cm x 122cm (approximately)
38″x48″ (approximately)


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