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Looking for the perfect baby gift? We have hampers for you!

3 Tips for choosing the Perfect Gift There are many options when it comes to buying gifts for new parents – it can become a little overwhelming. So, we have out together some top tips to help make the decision a little bit easier… Buy something useful… Don’t be suckered into buying the latest gadgets, […]

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We’ve Got You Covered – Cute Cuddles Gift Guide

Hunting for the perfect baby gift? Do you ever show up at baby showers or maternity parties, and notice that someone else has also bought the same gift? Worry no more! Why choose a Cute Cuddles soft toy? Babies love to cuddle! Our handmade soft toys are perfect for snuggling with. Simply by slowly building […]

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Baby Showers – Carrying on the Tradition

Baby Showers! We’ve all been to one – haven’t we? Someone you know announces that they are pregnant and you know there is going to be a baby shower soon but what do you get them? Something special? Something unique? Something practical? A little of all three? Which left me wondering… when did the tradition of […]